3 ways in which you can get the most out of your webinar after the event

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January 10, 2023

Approaching a webinar as a one-and-done event is a missed opportunity. Webinars can start a “content snowball” that will help you build your content and offer library.

A lot of time and effort is poured into the content and delivery of each webinar. Why not milk the effort for all its worth?

According to a report by Adobe, 55% of the registrants view the webinar recordings. Coupled with an average attendance rate of 36%, you can expect to communicate your message to 91% of registrants if you record your webinars.

Here are 3 ideas to get the most out of your webinars after the event:

Send the recording to all registrants

There are times when at the last minute, the registrants get stuck in a meeting or simply forget about your event due to some work priorities in which case they are unable to attend the webinar.

This doesn’t mean that they weren’t interested in the webinar. Registering for it meant that there was a strong interest in the content you were offering. It is imperative that you build on this interest by sending the recording to all your registrants.

Re-purpose the full webinar recording

Recording a webinar means you now have access to multiple pieces of video content which could be used to promote your business on various channels.

If it is a thought leadership webinar, you can divide it into small clips and post them on social media to generate awareness about the solution. You can also post the recording on your website and allow access to the recording via a form. This way, you could generate leads even when the live event is over.

Convert the webinar into written formats

If your business maintains a blog, you can write a summary of the webinar using snapshots from the recording. You can conclude this blog post with a link to the webinar to entice your readers to sign up for the webinar.

This written format can also be used in various email and nurture campaigns that you would plan in the future.


You spend a great deal of effort promoting and producing webinars. Sadly, these webinars are often just one-off events without an integrated strategy planned around them. Once the event is produced, the leads are handed off to the sales team for further follow-up. This produces mediocre results at best.

In this light, it is imperative that you follow post-webinar best practices to ensure maximum return on your efforts of producing one.

Discover 3 effective ways to get the most out of your webinar post-event. Need assistance with post-webinar strategies? Contact us to optimize your webinar ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effective strategies for repurposing webinar content after the event?

Effective strategies for repurposing webinar content after the event include creating blog posts or articles based on the webinar topic, converting the webinar recording into a podcast episode, or using excerpts from the webinar in social media posts or email newsletters.

How can I continue to engage attendees and non-attendees after the webinar has ended?

To continue engaging attendees and non-attendees after the webinar, consider sending a follow-up email thanking attendees for participating and providing them with a summary of key takeaways. For non-attendees, offer them access to the webinar recording and any additional resources shared during the event.

Are there any tools or platforms that can help me measure the success of my webinar after the event?

There are several tools and platforms available to help you measure the success of your webinar after the event. These include webinar hosting platforms that provide analytics on attendee engagement, such as attendance rates, questions asked, and poll responses. Additionally, you can use website analytics tools to track post-webinar traffic and conversions on your website.

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