Content Marketing Agency or DIY: Making the Right Choice for Your B2B Tech Business

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November 20, 2023

Did you know businesses that use blogs generate 67% more leads than those that don't? They also get 55% more website visitors and a 434% increase in search engine indexed pages. These numbers underscore the tangible benefits of a well-executed content strategy.

The question arises: How can your B2B tech enterprise utilize these advantages?

Content marketing can be a complex process that requires a thorough understanding of its various components, from planning to publishing.

One may wonder how to effectively delegate the content creation process to professionals who understand the specific needs of the B2B tech industry. Additionally, who has the necessary expertise to navigate the ever-changing landscape of B2B technology?

That’s where a content marketing agency’s role comes into play. A content marketing agency can be a valuable partner for your B2B tech business, helping to align your content strategy with your specific needs. If you don't have the skills or experience to create compelling content in-house, hiring a content agency is a strategic necessity.

This blog will cover everything you need to know about whether you should choose a Content Marketing Agency or DIY for Your B2B Tech Business.

A Comparative Analysis of DIY and Agency Approaches

It may seem counterintuitive to let someone else speak for your brand, but aside from the apparent benefits of allowing someone else to present your content rather than making it yourself, there are pros and cons of hiring an agency and DIY content marketing in the B2B tech industry.

It's essential to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each path and the factors that contribute to effective content marketing.

Financial Considerations

DIY Content Marketing:


  • Choosing a do-it-yourself content marketing strategy can be a cost-effective option for businesses, allowing them to avoid agency charges.
  • Business owners have control over budget allocation and strategic decision-making, allowing for a personalized approach to marketing expenditure.


  • The process of planning, executing, and monitoring marketing campaigns requires a substantial investment of time, which may take focus away from core business activities.

Content Marketing Agency:


  • Engaging a professional agency introduces a valuable reservoir of experience and knowledge, often translating into more effective campaigns with a potentially higher return on investment.
  • Outsourcing marketing tasks empowers business owners to concentrate on essential operational facets, fostering heightened productivity and operational efficiency.


  • The cost of professional marketing services may be a financial obstacle for small businesses with limited budgets.

Expertise and Skills

DIY Content Marketing:


  • Embracing DIY Content Marketing can provide valuable learning experiences and help develop essential skills for business owners.


  • The time commitment needed to become proficient in various content marketing disciplines could potentially delay the effectiveness of a campaign, emphasizing the significance of a well-planned timeline
  • There may be skill gaps in specialized areas, which could indicate potential vulnerabilities in the overall content marketing strategy.

Content Marketing Agency:


  • Content marketing agencies have a team of professionals with diverse skills who handle different aspects of the content marketing landscape.


  • A discrepancy between business expectations and the agency's vision could affect the success of the campaign.

Time and resource allocation 

DIY Content Marketing:


  • The ability to schedule content marketing activities based on availability is an important advantage, providing flexibility in the constantly changing business environment.


  • Managing content marketing alongside other responsibilities can result in inconsistent efforts, which may weaken the effectiveness of campaigns.

Content Marketing Agency:


  • Outsourcing content marketing to an agency enables business owners to prioritize core functions, saving valuable time for strategic decision-making.


  • Consistent content marketing efforts require effective communication and coordination with the agency, highlighting the importance of a symbiotic partnership.

Scalability and Growth

DIY Content Marketing:


  • The ability to adapt content marketing strategy in real-time allows for flexibility in addressing changing circumstances.


  • Scalability limitations may arise, requiring additional resources and skills to support growth.

Content Marketing Agency:


  • Agencies provide the flexibility to customize content marketing efforts according to the business's growth trajectory, adjusting strategies to address new challenges and opportunities.


  • As the business scales upwards, there will be an increase in costs due to the expansive scope of services.

Measuring ROI 

DIY Content Marketing:


  • Monitoring the results of DIY campaigns is important for ensuring a satisfactory return on investment. Access to campaign data enables business owners to make necessary adjustments.


  • Limited expertise in analytics can present difficulties in interpreting and utilizing data without specialized knowledge.

Content Marketing Agency:


  • Agencies typically offer detailed reports and insights to help businesses gain a better understanding of their return on investment (ROI).


  • Ensuring access to and understanding of the agency's reporting and analytics is important for transparency in evaluating the success of campaigns.

What to consider when choosing a content Content Marketing Agency

There are now many content marketing agencies on the market. How to choose an agency? Consider these patterns.

1. Evidence of Skills and Beliefs

You hire a content Content Marketing Agency for your B2B Tech Business because they need to have the skills your team is lacking. This means you need to make sure it exists.

Find examples of the organization's past work. Check out their websites for references and research materials. Find a list of past customers and partners.

Specifically, look for examples of past work similar to what you want. Do they work for your business frequently? This is important for brands in professional fields where content needs to be followed, such as health, finance, and law.

Most agencies list the work they work for on their websites, but looking at work samples will show you more detailed information on how they can get you what you want.

(HSV Digital’s work on the company website.)

2. Good Reputation

Have you seen/heard others speak glowingly about this company? Have you read many good reviews? Or does the organization seem to exist in a vacuum?

The information you can find on the internet about the organization should be enough to tell you about the reputation of the organization. You can often find evidence of importance in:

1. On the Agency's website:

  • Reviews
  • Recommendations
  • Names of previous customers or partners

2. On social media:

  • Mentions, tags, or comments from customers

3. On review sites like The Match Office, Clutch. Co etc.

4. Search Google for brand name or "[brand name] reviews"

(HSV Digita’s testimonials from clients)

3. Focus on strategy, goals and ROI

Strategy is everything in content marketing for B2B Tech. Your content will be worthless without a plan of action.

This should include goal setting, how those goals will be tracked and measured, and what kind of return on investment you want to see from your content.

According to a Semrush study, 46% of marketers who reported success in content marketing also perform search engine optimization. Most people focus on quality content, SEO, and content visibility in their planning.

The legal processes and documents that come with crucial business concepts are provided for your compliance guide.

If the potential agency you are looking for does not address the underlying concept of a working business plan, it needs a plan to follow to be successful. keep going.

4. Talented Creators

Most brands want talented creators behind their content. After all, no matter the main reason your audience stays with you, good content is essential for Google rankings.

When evaluating a creator's skills, consider their skills as well as their storytelling abilities.

As with many niches, it is impossible to create good content without expertise; make sure the agency you're considering comes from developers with expertise or background

Also, think about the specific skills needed for your content. For example, let's say you need to create video content. If the agency doesn't have a photographer, that's a reason to look elsewhere.

5. Clear Program Management Process

Business organizations will deal with large numbers of customers, projects at different stages, and entire movements. This means that program management is under their control.

You need to know whether the agency you choose is capable of delivering results on time and within budget. So look for these models to make sure they meet the requirements:

They list program management as a service along with other benefits. They provide an overview of the process, from the stages of the idea to the outcome and the outcome in between. 

Please note that if you are still looking for this information on their website, you can ask when you have entered the consultation phase with the organization.

(HSV Digital’s Programme Management Page)

6. Effective communication

Effective communication is the foundation of business relationships. You know this, we all know it, but putting it into practice is an entirely different thing.

When evaluating your final choice for content marketing agencies, pay attention to how they communicate with you. Poor communication can be the canary in the coal mine or the nail in the coffin.

How quickly did they respond to your initial question?

Have you talked to people since then?

Are emails and phone calls answered quickly and honestly?

Do you think your question has been answered satisfactorily?

Finally, think of initial communication as the first step in establishing a good relationship with your organization.

This will give you a big clue as to what they want to work with, whether it will be fun and exciting or challenging and tedious. If your gut tells you it's terrible, they probably are.

7. The Value of Integrity in Content Marketing

Ethics is a core value in content marketing and you should expect your organization to abide by these values.

Find the organization's values ​​that drive its business through its websites. What do they say? What is important to them? Are these works essential for your brand?

Tips for Working with a Content Management Agency

To give your business the best chance of success with content, there are some important things you need to know first: 

Learn the Basics

Before hiring a Content Marketing Agency, it's a good idea to research the basics of how content marketing works. This will help you keep your expectations realistic and give you a good idea of ​​what to expect next.

  • Demonstrate the process of good content planning and creation, including all necessary aspects.
  • Learn what content looks like and what it takes to create it, from planning to publishing.
  • Learning content is a long-term game and if you want a quick profit this is not for you.

Meet Your Needs and Goals

Before hiring a Content Marketing Agency, you must know what you want. For example, you may not have a blog on your website yet, but you want to generate content marketing and blogging ideas.

You need to set clear, reasonable, and time-bound goals. The results you want to see. What do you hope this blog will do for your brand in the coming months? next year?

The more you talk about these two topics, the more effective your meeting with your representative will be.

Know your budget

How much do you want to spend on your business? Set boundaries, but don't set them in stone.

You may need to adjust this limit up or down depending on how well you understand your content. (If you don't know, you may want to look for the most cost-effective content marketing method for a brand in your size.)

Also, keep in mind that most organizations are willing to work with your budget and make realistic adjustments. goals for you. It may depend on what you're investing in.

Find the Right Marketing Agency for Growth

When content marketing is organized smartly and has experts behind it, you'll be amazed at the ROI you see. A good content marketing agency provides better reach, visibility, brand awareness, and leading actions and can complement entire marketing campaigns for results.

Carefully examine the agency you hire because they will take on many responsibilities for you. But they can help your brand grow in ways you never imagined.

Contact us today at HSV Digital to explore how our expertise can elevate your content marketing strategies. For insightful tips on outsourcing SaaS marketing to an agency, check out our guide: 10 Tips for Outsourcing SaaS Marketing to an Agency.

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