How to Maximize the Impact of Channel

Maximizing the Impact of Channel is a must-read for two distinct personas – CXOs of service businesses and Partner/Product Marketers shaping the channel landscape. Dive into exclusive interviews with 14 channel ecosystem experts, including Channel Chiefs, Channel Strategists, Product Marketers, and Partner Marketers, as they share invaluable insights to drive strategic growth.

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Who is it for?


Strategic insights designed to guide CXOs inservice businesses towards impactful decisions related to Channel ecosystem.

Channel Marketers

Partner and Product Marketers receive practical advice and proven tactics from experts who have been in their shoes.

Channel Executives

Understand the channel ecosystem from both the leadership, strategic and marketing angles, creating a comprehensive understanding for success.

Featured Experts

Faraz Siraj

Global Channel Chief

25+ years of experience

Robin Fairchild

Channel Marketing Manager

10+ years' experience

Priyank Jain

Semiconductor Product Marketing

8+ years’ experience

Parth Shah

Product Marketing Lead

5+ years' experience

Jay Clark

Channel Marketing Director

15+ years' experience

Chetali Aggarwal

Partner Marketing Expert

10+ years’ experience

Subhash Chandra

CMT Vertical Lead

12+ years’ experience

Lisa Rom

Global Alliance Marketing

20+ years' experience

Marc Harrison

Software Partnerships Expert

20+ years' experience

Ranjith Jayaraman

Global Channel Chief

20+ years’ experience

Steve Winfield

Cyber Risk Channel Leader

20+ years' experience

Philippa Clifford-Davis

Software Alliances Leader

15+ years' experience

Philippa Clifford-Davis

Software Alliances Leader

15+ years' experience

Juhi Saha

CEO of Partner1

20+ years’ experience

Tina Gravel

Recognized Channel Chief

25+ years' experience

John Addeo

Revenue Leader

25+ years' experience

With this Book, we are covering 3 sections

Strategic Discussions for
CXO Success in the Channel Ecosystem

Gain unparalleled insights into strategic considerations for CXOs leading service businesses. Learn from top executives who have navigated the complex channel landscape, providing a blueprint for success in an ever-evolving market.

Business Strategies for Service Businesses Growth in the Channel Ecosystem

Tailored strategies for service businesses take center stage. Discover how organizational and business strategies can be fine-tuned to foster growth and establish a strong presence within the channel ecosystem.

Successful Partnering and Marketing Tactics for Channel Marketers

Partner and Product Marketers, this section is your playbook for success. Uncover the marketing and partnering tactics that have proven effective in building and sustaining thriving channel relationships.

Meet the Authors

Vandan Jain

Vandan is a seasoned expert in channel marketing and partner ecosystems and boasts a wealth of experience driving success for companies ranging from startups to industry titans like Microsoft, Redington, and Eka Software. With a profound understanding of partner ecosystems, Vandan’s expertise lies in delivering innovative solutions that maximize the impact of channel strategies, propelling businesses towards unparalleled growth and success.

Mani Bansal

Mani is an experienced sales leader, who has played pivotal roles in driving strategic initiatives and fostering growth for global corporations like Amazon amongst others. With a proven ability in leading cross-functional teams to remarkable success, Mani’s tryst with the complexity of client projects across co-sell & the channel ecosystem led to the genesis of this book.

Featured Insights

"Evolving customer expectations and requirements: Customers are now much more open to outsourcing than earlier."

"Trends in Channel Ecosystem: Customers are steering the course towards simplicity and seamless integration of solutions, they are becoming indifferent to the traditional concerns of outsourcing, and Trust’ is emerging as the key ingredient for making a sale!"

Tina Gravel

CRN’s top Channel Chief for 2022

"Staying ahead of industry trends will help you help them reduce their cost, reduce risk, and expand their business. Gone are the days of 'I'm just going to sell you a product, and I'm going to walk away."

"This aspect of leaning into advisory based services and being part of your customers journey is fundamentally the biggest trend which helps partner navigate through this transformative journey."

John Addeo

25+ years of sales & leadership experience in cybersecurity

"Drawing from my experience overseeing the channel, I have observed that the real catalyst for partner behaviors lies in the resources and support we provide rather than the allure of incentives."

"When designating partners as managed, our investment in enhancing their skills and providing access to our sales team has proven to be a more significant motivator."

Philippa Clifford-Davis

15+ years of experience across Sales, Partner Programs and Partner Marketing.

"Winning Vendor’s Seller’s Trust and Confidence - To ensure the long-term success of the partnership, it's crucial to win the trust and confidence of the vendor's sales team. "

"One great strategy is to use ‘Not so Sure Accounts’ - Identify accounts where your sales team may have reservations about conversion. If you know of vendor’s sellers who have successfully worked with those accounts in the past, consider assigning these accounts to the experienced sellers."

Steve Winfield

20+ years of experience in the technology industry, specializing in cloud & security solutions

"The 2nd critical factor in Partnering with Hyperscalers is the commitment of resources. It is not a short-term endeavour; successful collaborations require a commitment of at least two years. "

"Companies that thrive in these partnerships allocate dedicated resources in technical, marketing, and sales domains. Moreover, they make the partnership a priority across the entire organization."

Juhi Saha

CEO of Partner1

Secure your copy now to embark on an insightful journey of strategic growth and partnership excellence. Whether you're a CXO shaping the destiny of your service business or a Channel Marketer navigating the complex landscape, this book is your roadmap to success. Take advantage of our exclusive promotion and get an early bird discount of 70% for our first 100 signups!
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